With professional and experienced flight crew, Ziver Aviation provides quality and comfortable flight services to its valued guests within the framework of flight safety-oriented working principle. In addition, it guarantees your safety by fully fulfilling the standards of international authorities. Ziver Aviation provides a comfortable and safe flight experience for your business trip or holiday and saves you from losing a long time at the airport because of using private terminals.
As Ziver Aviation, we offer consultancy services to you in the domestic and international arena with our experience in the sector in private jet purchasing and sales operations. Together with our business network in the aviation industry internationally, we provide aircraft management services for both individual and commercial use, without having to deal with the difficulties of aircraft buying and selling, by offering alternatives that will suit your demands and needs.
Ziver Aviation started "Airborne patient, injured and organ transport" service in 2016.
In case of emergency, we provide a fast and quality service together with our professional flight crew and health personnel. Ziver Aviation provides service in accordance with hygiene rules with its professional flight crew, health personnel and high-tech health equipment, which attaches great importance to ambulance flights.
Our aircraft is authorized for ambulance flights by the Ministry of Health and General Directorate of Civil Aviation.