Ziver Aviation will introduce Elazig to the world with its new private aircraft with 'TC ELZ' private tail code!

The Ziver Aviation under the body of Ziver Holding, which offers continuous and safe flights in the world and in our country, has purchased a new private aircraft with "TC ELZ" tail code. Ziver Aviation aims to introduce Elazig name in all countries and provinces by giving the name “TC ELZ” to the tail code of the aircraft. Ziver Aviation, which meets the requirements of national and international civil aviation and provides safe and comfortable flight service, has added a new private 15-seat-aircraft. Ziver Aviation made the first flight to Elazig with the new aircraft. VeyselDemirci, Chairman of Ziver Holding, who came to Elazig on the first flight said; ''I wish a quick recovery to Elazig due to the earthquake yesterday. We happily realized our first flight to Elazig with our new aircraft. In order to represent our Elazig to the whole world, we will make our flight to the whole world by making the name TC-ELZ. May God give us trouble-free flights without accident."