Ziver Aviation
Ziver Aviation was established in 2016 by our Chairman of the Board VeyselDemirci centered in Ankara. Ziver Aviation has a quality policy that meets the National and International civil aviation requirements, closely follows the developments in the aviation field in the world and in our country, improves itself continuously, and prioritizes flight safety and customer satisfaction. There are four business jets in our fleet that we own. The first is the TC-NEO registered Hawker 400 A. It is the first business jet to join our fleet. Currently, it is used for both passenger transport and airborne patient transport. It has the authority to transport the air patient (Ambulance Aircraft) issued by the Ministry of Health and has a range of 2000 km. Our other two aircraft are Citation-5 type aircraft with TC-LAA and TC-LAB registrations. These jets are used in passenger transportation. Each of them has a capacity of 9 passengers. It has a flight range of about 2400 km and can stay in the air for four and a half hours. Finally, TC-ELZ registered aircraft that joined our fleet by the end of 2019 is Citation Sovereign. This aircraft has a capacity of 10 passengers and has a range of approximately 5000 km. This private jet, which is in the Super-Midsize class, also has the facilities that allow hot food service. Depending on the technical characteristics of our aircraft types, we can plan flights to all destinations around the world. Ziver Aviation has a vision that fulfills all the requirements published by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the European Air Agency (EASA), provides full customer satisfaction and flight safety, knows the value of time and constantly improves itself. ZiverAviation keeps improving its Air Taxi activities. We continue working to provide the transportation service, which is one of the most important needs of people, to our customers on time and with the most appropriate conditions knowing its value. In this context, we follow customer demands very closely. In the coming period, we also want to give our country's experience to the people of our country in the field of regional air transport services. With the awareness of how precious time is for you, we wish you good flights.

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